Dinner for Fiends – Refriended: Can You Hear Me?!?

Hey, Steve Wood! Yeah, you! You’re like the It Follows of DFF fans. Here’s your stinking Dinner for Fiends! Happy now? Go listen to it on a loop, and leave us the hell alone! You hear me? Stop stalking us!

For the rest of you, you might be asking yourself, “Dinner for Fiends? What’s that?” You’ve probably forgotten because it has been so long. It’s this mindless podcast where Creepy and Foy yell at one another while Matt Fini calmly proclaims his love for some obscure arthouse horror movie you’d never sit through. Alas, we have had to recast a few roles. The role of Buz is now played by Jinx, and the role of Andrew Kasch’s call-dropping iPhone is also now played by Jinx.

It’s been so long since the last Dinner for Fiends I don’t even remember when it was. On the plus side, we really haven’t missed that much. On the negative side, that we haven’t missed much speaks volumes about the current state of horror.

So what do we have to catch up on?

  • A very in-depth discussion of “Bates Motel.”
  • The latest season of “The Walking Dead.”
  • The scene-chewing insanity of “Salem.”
  • Maggie.
  • Spring.
  • The Lazarus Effect.
  • Unfriended.
  • Matt’s hatred for superhero movies.
  • Jinx’s connection problems.

Topping it all off is the great It Follows debate of 2015, culminating in a surprise twist that would even blow M. Night Shyamalan’s mind. Listen to see if you can spot the exact moment Matt Fini’s head exploded.

Last but not least, I ramble like a lunatic explaining why Roar is the best horror movie of 2015 despite not being from this year nor specifically a horror movie.

Unfortunately, we recorded this show right before the release of Mad Max: Fury Road so you don’t get to hear the one movie we would all be in unanimous agreement over. However, I have determined what our names would be in the wasteland world of George Miller’s masterwork:

Jinx’s Mad Max name would be Ritor Blockus.

Matt would become Cannon the Go-Go Boy.

Oddly enough, Uncle Creepy would still be Uncle Creepy.

And yours truly, Foywonder, would for some reason be known by the moniker Moist the Soothing.

You’ve waited this long. Wait no more. Dinner for Fiends lives once more. See you again in 16 months, suckers!


Dinner For Fiends

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