Dinner for Fiends: Mother, May I Sleep with Fiends?

Another installment of Dinner for Fiends so soon? But how can this be? It hasn’t been 6 months to 2 years yet! This isn’t right at all.

The gang’s back together so soon for another spirited episode of mindless internet horror-themed gobbledygook. Minus Buz, that is. He was off being Mr. Hollywood or something that day, so expect 90% less “Supernatural” discussion this episode.

Uncle Creepy, myself, Andrew Kasch, and Matt Serafini were freestyling this one, babbling aimlessly about whatever topic any of us wanted to bring up.

Matt Serafini was feeling especially grouchy this edition so you’ll hear quite a bit about how he felt The Conjuring 2 was repetitive and boring, The Boy outright sucks, and 10 Cloverfield Lane was ruined by its ending. On the positive side, he really liked Lifetime’s lesbian vampire flick Mother, May I Sleep with Danger?

Other random topics include just what in the bloody hell is going on with the new Friday the 13th movie, AMC’s “Preacher,” Creepy’s love for CBS’s “Braindead” (which may already be cancelled by the time you read this), Andrew’s latest escapades with a certain Halloween cult that will ultimately lead to his and Buz’s mutual destruction, and my reading of a list of the best/worst dog movie pitches of all time.

It’s all about Woofies, folks.

Dinner For Fiends

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