#CincoDeMayo: Party Through the Weekend with These Mexican Horror Classics

Mexico… Man, we love that place. It’s beautiful and has great food, strong tequila, and a bevy of some of the most wacky monsters you’ve ever seen! To celebrate Cinco de Mayo today, we now present to you our picks for the cinco best classic Mexican movie monsters!

Get out your shot glasses, and start knocking back these bad boys (and girls… sorry, La Llorona)! Chips and salsa ARE NOT optional! Arriba!

The Curse of the Crying Woman aka La maldición de la llorona (1963)
A young woman inherits a mansion, only to discover that it is haunted by witches and evil spirits.

Curse of the Crying Woman

Wrestling Women vs. the Aztec Mummy aka Las luchadores contra la momia (1964)
Brawny Amazon sisters take on a legendary, long-dead, shape-shifting bandaged wrestling legend in this rockin’ & rollin’ Mexican horror movie.

Wrestling Women vs. The Aztec Mummy

The Man and the Monster aka El hombre y el monstruo (1959)
A failed pianist sells his soul to the devil in return for his becoming the greatest musician in the world. The catch: Every time he plays, he turns into a horrible monster.

The Man and the Monster

The Brainiac aka El barón del terror (1962)
In 1661 Mexico, the Baron Vitelius of Astara is sentenced to be burned alive by the Holy Inquisition of Mexico for witchcraft, necromancy, and other crimes. As he dies, the Baron swears vengeance against the descendants of the Inquisitors. 300 Years later, a comet that was passing overhead on the night of the Baron’s execution returns to earth, bringing with it the Baron in the form of a horrible, brain-eating monster that terrorizes the Inquisitors’ descendants.


Ship of Monsters aka La nave de los monstruos (1960)
When the last man on Venus has died, the planet’s regent sends two beautiful Venusians on a quest for males. In their travels throughout the universe, they capture several specimens, all of them monstrous. When their spaceship breaks down, they crash land in Chihuahua, where they meet Laureano and his brother, Chuy. While Laureano explains what love is to one of the Venusians, the other decides to conquer the Earth, using the monsters of the ship as her minions.

Ship of Monsters

Ship of Monsters

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