Uncover Your Hidden Agenda on October 24th

The PS4 exclusive Hidden Agenda will launch in the US on 24 October 2017 and will hit Europe the following day. This news was confirmed in a tweet from developer Supermassive Games.

Hidden Agenda puts you in control of Homicide Detective Becky Marnie and District Attorney Felicity Graves as you hunt for a notorious serial killer known as The Trapper. Marne and Graves will be played by Katie Cassidy and Catherine Haena Kim, respectively.

We haven’t seen much of the game since its announcement at E3, so the fact that it’s releasing so early does come as kind of a surprise, although it’s still likely to be a hit. Supermassive also brought us the instant horror classic Until Dawn (review) and is currently working on the prequel, The Inpatient.

Who can you trust?
Can you hold your nerve in the hunt for the infamous ‘Trapper’ killer? Use your mobile device to make tough decisions that impact the branching storyline in this PS4 exclusive crime thriller from the PlayLink range. And with Until Dawn developer Supermassive Games at the helm, you never know what’s lurking around each dark and sinister corner.

But this chilling mystery has a twist from the very start: Bring up to five friends into play, and you’ll each have an objective to work towards. Will you be driving towards a common goal or working against each other? Influence is power, and each choice may alter the unfolding story… but how far will you go to fulfill your own agenda?

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