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Could it be? Might it be? At long last! Yes! Yes! Yes! A new Dinner for Fiends! It’s only been – what? Seven years? Seven months? I’ve lost track. All that matters is we’re back, baby!

Dinner for Fiends has finally returned, but not all the original fiends could make it. Andrew and Buz aren’t back for this episode due to either work commitments or perhaps they’re still on their honeymoon or Buz might be in jail after he crashed the set of “The Walking Dead” naked with a samurai sword screaming about the hero’s journey until cops tasered him.

In lieu of the dynamic duo, making his DFF debut is the only and only Jinx (real name withheld for tax purposes). He joins the always high-strung Uncle Creepy, the always mellow Matt Fini, and the face that launched a thousand ships, the Foywonder.

There have been a ton of movies released since the last time we did a show, and only Uncle Creepy saw most of them. Fortunately, we also discuss stuff the rest of us have seen, such as “American Horror Story,” “Z Nation,” a bunch of VOD movies that are much better than their big screen counterparts, and so on. So many topics it’s stunning how we crammed them all into just two hours.

You can now finally stop asking, stop complaining, stop demanding a new Dinner for Fiends. It has arrived just in time to give you something to listen to as we’re all confined to our homes due to Ebolageddon 2014.


Once we have our podcast directory back in place, you’ll find it there too, but we figured that it’d be best to not make you wait any longer.

Eat up!

Dinner For Fiends

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