Dinner for Fiends – Epic Strangle Time

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Dinner for Fiends - Epic Strangle TimeHear Uncle Creepy rant about The Last Exorcism Part 2. Hear Buz explode with rage over “The Walking Dead” season finale. Hear Matt Fini and Andrew Kasch vigorously debate Uncle Creepy over the merits of Stoker. Hear Foy describe the lunacy of Tyler Perry’s Temptation.

Wait, what was that last one?

After a bit of a lethargic start, this Dinner for Fiends turns into quite the spirited little (Little? The damn show is 2 hours long!) podcast once the great Stoker debate of 2013 gets under way, which leads into the latest “The Walking Dead” debate of 2013.

You’ll also hear Uncle Creepy, Matt Fini, Andrew Kasch, Buz, and Foy discuss, debate, and/or deride Warm Bodies, The Call, Dark Skies, Beautiful Creatures, The Host, Phantom, “Bates Motel”, “Hannibal”, Tyler Perry’s Temptation(!), and last but certainly not least, the remake of Evil Dead.

Dinner for Fiends - Epic Strangle Time

We hope you have the time to spare listening to all this because some of us stayed up past our bedtimes recording this late-night edition of Dinner for Fiends.

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    • conundrum

      A few things. This will be one of the few times I wholeheartedly agree with Andrew; why does everyone love Session 9? It was at absolute best, mediocre.

      Buz, thanks for finally saying something about Walking Dead sucking. I talked to you after the season 2 finale about how disappointed both of us were about how the show had been doing, then on DFF you didn’t really mention any of the glaring problems. Thanks for finally just saying the truth; the show is pretty bad with a great premise and hints of occasional genius. Andea’s character was thoroughly irreconcilable with the comic version (at least rationally). She was whiny, indecisive, slow to act, sanctimonious, and incompetent. There was no way to parley that into the strong, kick-ass survivor in the comic. You can argue that I just don’t see where the show is going and am reacting to stuff on a week-by-week basis; you are too. Unless you’re somehow privy to future seasons scripts, you cannot prove that show has ever been going anywhere. The fact that in my opinion it’s stumbled fairly consistently and failed to live up to the premise for 3 seasons actually means I’m being rational in being disappointed in it.

      Great show though, I loved all the discussions and am intrigued by Stoker despite the shoe talk. I guess all of you had the good sense to avoid “The Following.”

      • nazo

        I agree on Session 9.

        • kiddcapone

          There’s 2 things about Session 9 that prevented me from absolutely loving it. #1: The extremely out-of-place circus music they played at the end during the reveal. Seriously, what the fuck ?!?!!? #2: They did not fully take advantage of the creepiness of the Danvers State Hospital. I appreciate and enjoy the ambiguous feeling, but I’m dying for a straight up haunted house flick without cheesy effects (ala The Haunting) or done half-ass (ala Grave Encounters).

          Session 9 is still a solid 4/5 in my book. It’s dripping with atmosphere and is extremely well made.

          • nazo

            Yeah, it had decent atmosphere, but I thought the characters were extremely mediocre, which is tough to overcome.

    • MouthForWar

      The vine in the demon’s mouth was actually practical, it was just compositted over the actress playing the demon.

      The only CG I could see was the drop of blood towards the end and the fire in the beginning, but I know the burning scene used a lot of compositing also..

      A lot of these things are composite shots, which DO require some digital trickery even if they aren’t using full computer generated images.

    • James Coker

      that past dinner for fiends montage in the beginning is anything short of amazing…
      thank you for that one buz

    • LSD Zombie

      The more I think about Evil Dead, the more I hate it. It tried to reproduce that sense of mania that Raimi is known for and failed miserably. Giving the Deadites a reason for killing people was also a major mistake. Ah, so they possess and kill people so they can summon their demon god! Who looks just like the lead character and has super strength; I guess she wasn’t equipped with a functioning brain though considering she just let herself get chainsawed.

      Fuck Evil Dead. I’m glad Scary Movie 5 ripped on it briefly.

      DFF was good though.

      • nazo

        I left the theater feeling “meh”, but the more I think about the movie, the more I dislike it. The original’s no masterpiece, but has more style. The contrast in atmosphere between the professor explaining the mythology over the voice recorder and the teacher flipping through the book says it all.

        Buz did a great job on that recap. I can’t believe Foy left everyone hanging on his TCM theater story again!

        • Foywonder

          I told the story in the previous podcast but the audio couldn’t be salvaged due to technical difficulties. This time I meant to retell the tale but forgot. Not sure if I should ever tell the story or just keep teasing it every DFF yet never actually do so. Make it a running joke, like how Jimmy Kimmel ends every show apologizing to Matt Damon for running out of time.

          • nazo

            Or you could string it out like Buz watching Yellowbrickroad, finally telling it in a year or so 🙂

            Edit-Oh, and please never start loving everything. Your consistent refusal to be impressed by the latest mediocrity warms the cockles of my misanthropic heart.

            • kiddcapone

              FUCK Yellowbrickroad….I heard in the director’s cut the final scene had everyone in the theater surrounded by 100 pairs of the same shoe, so, I guess that explains a lot.

            • Uncle Creepy


            • The Buz

              Did we not talk about it? Because I watched it.

            • nazo

              You did, but you teased it for about a year before talking about it.

    • ChaosWeaver

      Thank you so much, guys! Today has been one of the harder ones to get through lately, and just reading that a new episode is out (I’m still about 3 hours away from being able to listen to it) has me in such high spirits right now!

    • nazo

      A new DFF? *Does victory dance*

    • Sirand

      The “Supernatural” recap tribute is the greatest thing in DFF history!