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Dinner for Fiends - Carcosazilla“True Detective” is over. “Hannibal” is only getting started. “The Walking Dead” are still walking. Godzilla is returning. That means the fiends of Dinner for Fiends have plenty to chew on for this latest installment. Do you have the stomach for it?

Uncle Creepy was buried under an avalanche of work so it was up to Matt, Buz, Andrew, and yours truly (I’m back!) to disseminate the climax of “True Detective,” the static state of “The Walking Dead,” and the first two episodes of the second season of the best show on television you’re not watching, AKA “Hannibal.”

Before venturing deep into Carcosa, we talk Godzilla, old and new, as well as taking a few moments for the Oldboy remake, the new RoboCop, Pompeii, Stalingrad, and much more.

And somehow, some way, once again Yellowbrickroad factors into the discussion. That film truly is our Carcosa.

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    • LifeMi

      Another great episode, guys. And I for one would LOVE some kind of Godzilla retrospective leading up to the new film. Though I gotta ask, where’s The Return of Godzilla/Godzilla 1985 on DVD/Blu-ray? It’s one of my favorites in the series and it annoys me that it’s the only one not available on DVD/Blu-ray here in the states.

      • Foywonder

        Godzilla 1985 rights are stuck in some sort of legal limbo from what I last heard.

    • Rottenjesus

      The last film of the Showa Era is one of my all time favorites TERROR OF MECHAGODZILLA. I never get tired of watching it. Same goes for the Heisei series, that continuity was awesome and made for some entertaining films. GODZILLA vs KING GHIDORAH being the most awesomely ridiculous.

      Definitely want to add to the late 90s GAMERA trilogy love as well. Those three films blew my mind when I saw them for the first time a couple years ago and they look even better on Blu-Ray. Any serious kaiju fan who hasn’t seen those films is seriously missing out.

      As for the new GODZILLA trailer it is really awesome but I keeping my expectations in check. I want this one to be good and to succeed but after the lacklustre reception that PACIFIC RIM got I don’t know if people are going to pack theaters for another giant monster flick.

    • DarkBlaize13

      I binge watched True Detective and loved the True Detective discussion. That show is brilliant!!

    • aliensharkboy

      Awesome podcast! Maybe I’m just in the right mood, but an unusually large amount of LOLs were produced while listening to this. Very funny stuff.

      To what was said, I do think Godzilla vs Biollante actually has some of the larger continuities with the films in the Heisei series. I mean, it introduced the main protagonist for remainder of the series (Miki Saegusa), and set the groundwork for the later films more than Godzilla 1985 did.
      Otherwise, I agree with Buz on Godzilla 2000. If only for the final showdown, which is incredibly well staged and atmospheric. Plus, Orga was the last cool new monster to be introduced in the Godzilla franchise. That fucker is beastly.

      Glad to see the Gamera trilogy and GMK getting the praise they deserve too!
      And an all Godzilla-themed podcast would be EPIC (a word I rarely use) to say the least. I think you guys should definitely do that.

      To finish off my comment, I wanna say that I’ll be starting Hannibal this weekend. Can’t wait!

    • James Coker

      always great to hear my question answered on DFF ! Just wish Creepy was there to answer what his favorite Makeup FX artist was growing up.

      • Uncle Creepy

        Rob Bottin.

    • MonsterMash

      Great episode. I dug the Godzilla discussion, and yeah, the showa series may be the most goofy of the group, but It’s my favorite series as a whole. They blew my five-year-old mind when I was introduced to them, and in retrospect, sure, they’re not all very good in a traditional sense, but they have great foreboding dialogue “Pay heed to my warning. The entire human race will parish from the Earth. When the monster Ghidrah passes, only flaming ruins are left.” They also do a damn fine job of setting the tone, ridiculous or otherwise, and build a wonderful world full of monsters, space babes, a hero/villian larger than life himself, and impending doom(DAM is a perfect example). They were the mold to shape things to come.