Top 10 Bigfoot Movies of the 21st Century


Bigfoot is my bro. While reports of an enormous and elusive bipedal hominid are an ancient and worldwide phenomenon, Bigfoot is nonetheless a staple of North American crypto-mythology—especially on the West Coast. As a life-long resident of California and an… Continue Reading

Exclusive Exists Infographic Reveals Bigfoot’s History

On April 6th Eduardo Sánchez’s found footage Bigfoot shocker Exists hits UK DVD via Entertainment One – and in preparation, we’ve nabbed an exclusive infographic that’ll get you primed with facts on ‘Squatch! Get your learn on! Exists (review) stars… Continue Reading

Bigfoot Caught on Camera! Exclusive UK Clip Proves He Exists…

Yeah, okay… so it isn’t the real Bigfoot, but this exclusive new clip for the UK release of Eduardo Sánchez’s Exists gives us a glimpse of a particular incarnation of the cryotozoological beastie that isn’t to be trifled with. The… Continue Reading