Let’s Revisit Discovery Channel’s Show Movie Magic and Their Episode About Horror Effects

Back in the early 90’s, the Discovery Channel had a show called “Movie Magic”, which lasted for several seasons. The show’s purpose was to highlight the creation of special effects in movies and television, giving viewers a look into what… Continue Reading

Editorial: Why Ingrate Fanboys Need to Let Go of Territorialism (and Why Hellraiser: Judgment Might Be Awesome)

Pinhead and the Auditor

Charlize Theron in a Mad Max film? A rebooted Ghostbusters flick with an all-female cast? A Rocketeer sequel with an African-American woman in the lead? Say it isn’t so! It’s time to assemble the villagers and lay siege with pitchforks… Continue Reading

Exclusive: Gary Tunnicliffe Talks Hellraiser: Judgment (Part 2); New Image from the Set

Hellraiser Judgment

Yesterday we brought you Part 1 of our chat with filmmaker Gary Tunnicliffe on his currently in post-production flick Hellraiser: Judgment, and today we dig into the film’s all new Cenobites, the inclusion of A Nightmare on Elm Street actress… Continue Reading

Exclusive: Gary Tunnicliffe Talks Hellraiser: Judgment; New Image from the Set!

Hellraiser Judgment

Pinhead’s back, and FX maven and filmmaker Gary Tunnicliffe spilled to us last night regarding his forthcoming written and directed feature Hellraiser: Judgment, the latest installment in the subversive Clive Barker-created, long-running Dimension film series. No stranger to the world,… Continue Reading