#SDC117: The Exorcist Cast and Crew Talk Season 2; Watch the Full Panel!

The Exorcist Season 2

For many of us, the highlight of this year’s TV renewal season was the news that “The Exorcist” would be back for a second season… and quite a different season it’s shaping up to be! We were front and center… Continue Reading

Learn More About Sleepy Hollow’s Freemasons in this Newly Discovered ‘Corbin File’

Post Thumb: /may13/sleepyhollows.jpg Clancy Brown’s Sheriff Corbin may be gone from “Sleepy Hollow,” but he’s certainly not forgotten, and this newly unearthed audio from August Corbin’s case files examines the dark secrets of “The Masons.” Check out the Corbin Files… Continue Reading

Spend Some More Time with Headless in these Four Clips from Sleepy Hollow Episode 1.08 – Necromancer

Post Thumb: /may13/sleepyhollows.jpg We have to give kudos to the team behind Fox’s “Sleepy Hollow” for creating such a believable – and badass – Headless Horseman. If you can’t get enough of him either, get comfortable and spend some time… Continue Reading

Headless’ Interrogation Gets Weird in this Sneak Peek of Sleepy Hollow Episode 1.08 – Necromancer

Post Thumb: /may13/sleepyhollows.jpg As we learn in this sneak peek of Episode 1.08, in the world of “Sleepy Hollow” a “Necromancer” is someone who speaks for the dead, in this case the Headless Horseman. Just watch… it’ll make sense, we… Continue Reading

Look for Clues in this Image Gallery for Sleepy Hollow Episode 1.08 – Necromancer

Post Thumb: /may13/sleepyhollows.jpg Gallery Image: ‘/gallery/sleepyhollow/sleepyhollow108_1x’, ‘/gallery/sleepyhollow/sleepyhollow108_2x’, ‘/gallery/sleepyhollow/sleepyhollow108_3x’, ‘/gallery/sleepyhollow/sleepyhollow108_4x’, ‘/gallery/sleepyhollow/sleepyhollow108_5x’, ‘/gallery/sleepyhollow/sleepyhollow108_6x’, ‘/gallery/sleepyhollow/sleepyhollow108_7x’, ‘/gallery/sleepyhollow/sleepyhollow108_8x’, ‘/gallery/sleepyhollow/sleepyhollow108_9x’, ‘/gallery/sleepyhollow/sleepyhollow108_10x’, ‘/gallery/sleepyhollow/sleepyhollow108_11x’, ‘/gallery/sleepyhollow/sleepyhollow108_12x’ Next week’s Episode 1.08 of “Sleepy Hollow,” entitled “Necromancer,” is full of flashbacks with Ichabod discovering some game-changing information. Check out our image… Continue Reading

Uncover the Truth about Paul Revere and See Four New Clips from Sleepy Hollow Ep. 1.07 – The Midnight Ride

Post Thumb: /may13/sleepyhollows.jpg There’s no question this year’s breakout hit is “Sleepy Hollow,” due in no small part to its cheeky and brazen revisionist history. Like what you’ll see in this “American History: Uncovered” look at the shocking truth behind… Continue Reading

Get a Sneak Peek of Sleepy Hollow Ep. 1.07 – The Midnight Ride; Go Behind the Scenes of Ep. 1.06 – The Sin Eater

Post Thumb: /may13/sleepyhollows.jpg The headless horseman returns to “Sleepy Hollow” in Ep. 1.07, “The Midnight Ride,” determined to get his head back and bring about Armageddon. Here’s a sneak peek along with a behind-the-scenes look at Ep. 1.06, “The Sin… Continue Reading

Over a Dozen Stills from Sleepy Hollow Episode 1.07 – The Midnight Ride

Post Thumb: /may13/sleepyhollows.jpg Gallery Image: ‘/gallery/sleepyhollow/sleepyhollow107_1x’, ‘/gallery/sleepyhollow/sleepyhollow107_2x’, ‘/gallery/sleepyhollow/sleepyhollow107_3x’, ‘/gallery/sleepyhollow/sleepyhollow107_4x’, ‘/gallery/sleepyhollow/sleepyhollow107_5x’, ‘/gallery/sleepyhollow/sleepyhollow107_6x’, ‘/gallery/sleepyhollow/sleepyhollow107_7x’, ‘/gallery/sleepyhollow/sleepyhollow107_8x’, ‘/gallery/sleepyhollow/sleepyhollow107_9x’, ‘/gallery/sleepyhollow/sleepyhollow107_10x’, ‘/gallery/sleepyhollow/sleepyhollow107_11x’, ‘/gallery/sleepyhollow/sleepyhollow107_12x’, ‘/gallery/sleepyhollow/sleepyhollow107_13x’, ‘/gallery/sleepyhollow/sleepyhollow107_14x’, ‘/gallery/sleepyhollow/sleepyhollow107_15x’ We have a quick follow-up to our story last night providing you with a preview of “Sleepy Hollow” Episode 1.07,… Continue Reading

Another Pair of Clips and a New Promo for Sleepy Hollow Episode 1.02 – Blood Moon

Post Thumb: /may13/sleepyhollows.jpg Ready for a few more clips from tonight’s Episode 1.02 of “Sleepy Hollow,” entitled “Blood Moon”? We have them here along with a new promo in which we meet a few of the Headless Horseman’s friends. Related… Continue Reading