Did You Know There Was Almost an Aliens-Inspired Children’s Cartoon Show?

The conversion of adult-themed properties into children’s cartoons is not unheard of. Anyone who’s read the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comics knows that they were pretty damn violent. Ghostbusters, which may be beloved by kids the world over, is… Continue Reading

San Diego Comic-Con 2013: Super7’s SDCC Alien Exclusives Will Cause Those in Space to Hear You Scream

Source Name: Super7 Source Url: http://blog.super7store.com/2013/06/19/sdcc-alien-reaction-figure-exclusives-revealed/ Post Thumb: /jun11/alienprequel.jpg Gallery Image: ‘/gallery/other/alientoyb1x’, ‘/gallery/other/alientoyb2x’, ‘/gallery/other/alientoyb3x’, ‘/gallery/other/alientoyb4x’, ‘/gallery/other/alientoyb5x’, ‘/gallery/other/alientoyb6x’, ‘/gallery/other/alientoyb7x’, ‘/gallery/other/alientoyb8x’, ‘/gallery/other/alientoyb9x’, ‘/gallery/other/alientoyb10x’ We’ve been talking about Super7’s retro-style Alien action figures for a few months now, and get ready because we… Continue Reading

Super7 Alien Figure Images Will Hear You Scream

Source Name: Super7 Source Url: http://blog.super7store.com/alien-reaction-figures-new-studio-photos Post Thumb: /jun11/alienprequel.jpg Super7 has updated its website with some hero shots of the company’s upcoming action figure line based on the original Alien, and we have all the images for you right here.… Continue Reading