Kong: Skull Island Outgrosses Peter Jackson’s King Kong

The big ape has reached the top, and this time he didn’t have to stop. That’s because Kong: Skull Island has now grossed a monstrous $552,518,884 worldwide. This places it ahead of both the $550,517,357 worldwide total of Peter Jackson’s… Continue Reading

Horror Is Dominating the 2017 Box Office So Far

Kong Skull Island

Today is April 10th. We’re exactly three weeks into spring and eight days before taxes are due (personal note: I really need to get on that). More importantly, we’re already 1/4 of the way through 2017, and that allows us… Continue Reading

Kong: Skull Island – Alternate Pitch Sees Kong Die Early and Godzilla Make the Cut? More New Posters

Kong Skull Island

The glory that is Kong: Skull Island (review) is currently rampaging through a theater near you, but that’s not stopping the news – or the posters for that matter – from coming! Recently director Jordan Vogt-Roberts sat down with Empire… Continue Reading