Jamie Lee Gets a Shower Surprise in this Clip from Scream Queens Episode 1.08 – Mommie Dearest

We haven’t talked much about “Scream Queens” lately, but with the episode in which Jamie Lee Curtis recreates her mother’s iconic shower scene in Psycho coming up tonight – and a sneak peek of it being made available – we… Continue Reading

Scream Queens Video Blowout: Prep for Episode 1.04 – Haunted House

“Scream Queens” is kicking off its three-episode, two-week “Halloween Event” tonight with Episode 1.04, “Haunted House,” and to get you ready for the laughs and kills to come, we have a batch of videos to share plus a message from… Continue Reading

Huge Image Galleries Released for Scream Queens Episodes 1.04 – Haunted House and 1.05 – Pumpkin Patch

Fox’s resident “Scream Queens” are definitely getting in the Halloween spirit in the upcoming Episodes 1.04, “Haunted House,” and 1.05, “Pumpkin Patch”; and if you’d like to join them, then read on for a look at two huge image galleries… Continue Reading

First-Look Photos and a New Promo for Scream Queens Episode 1.03 – Chainsaw

So, did anyone else watch last night’s debut of “Scream Queens” on Fox?  Everyone I watched it with had a blast – myself included, and we’re all looking forward to next week’s Episode 1.03, entitled “Chainsaw.” A new promo has… Continue Reading