E3 2017: New Horizon Zero Dawn DLC Challenges You to Fight Even Bigger Robo-saurs in an Even Colder Apocalypse

The Frozen Wilds

Man, I was wondering when I’d get more Horizon Zero Dawn. The game is only a few months old, but is the kind of open world sandbox just begging for more content. I reviewed the game back when it came out,… Continue Reading

E3 2017: Shadow of the Colossus Remake Looks All Shiny and New

Shadow of the Colossus

When it comes to games that fans just desperately want remakes of, Shadow of the Colossus is up there with Crono Trigger and Final Fantasy 7. While we are still waiting for FF7 Remake to launch (and fingers crossed on Crono Trigger), we now can… Continue Reading

Horizon Zero Dawn (Video Game)

Developed by Guerilla Games Published by Sony Interactive Entertainment Available Exclusively on Playstation 4 Rated T for Teen Horizon Zero Dawn is what you would get if you mashed together Far Cry: Primal, Blood Dragon, and Red Dead Redemption. If that sentence… Continue Reading