8 Abused Horror Sequels That Really Don’t Deserve the Hate

If there’s one thing horror fans love to argue about (and they do), it’s their favorite franchises. While there are always going to be the people who think that every sequel taints the legacy of the original, those who love… Continue Reading

5 of the Most Scarily Underrated Sequels in Horror History

Tuesday Knight Nightmare

Sequels are a touchy subject around our horror community. While some are worthy of following the often brilliant original, most are worse than five-day-old Chinese food. Honestly, I’d say only 20 to 30 percent of sequels are decent or better.… Continue Reading

Paranormal Event Response Unit Highlights What We Do in the Shadows for TV

What We Do in the Shadows

Television is getting yet another horror series inspired by a feature film. This time it’s What We Do in the Shadows that’s getting the small screen treatment as Empire is reporting that Taika Waititi and long-time collaborator Jemaine Clement (who… Continue Reading

Top 10 Horror Movies that Deserve a Sequel

Jack Brooks

Horror fans often complain about sequels, due to the endless glut of them that have a tendency to decrease in quality with each new entry.  However, every once in a while a movie comes along that calls for one, and… Continue Reading