Severin to Release Richard Stanley’s New Documentary The Otherworld

Severin Films has announced that they will be releasing The Otherworld, a new documentary from Richard Stanley (Hardware, Dust Devil). The label claims that the film is Stanley’s “…most outlandish film“! The first 2500 units include a strictly limited bonus… Continue Reading

Severin Films to Melt Your Blu-ray Players with The Devil’s Rain

The Devils Rain

The 1970’s were a wonderous time for “Satanic Panic” movies, and few of those satanic shockers ended as wonderfully wacky as the over-the-top 1975 chiller The Devil’s Rain. No spoilers here. Let’s just say if you’ve never seen The Devil’s… Continue Reading

Severin Films Embracing Nunsploitation With Two Heretical Blu-ray Releases

Severin Films has decided that they want to celebrate Easter in a slightly more… sinister way than what is considered tradition. Rather than paint some eggs and play with the Easter Bunny, they’ve decided to descend into Hellish territories by… Continue Reading