Coming to Home Video From Arrow Video – August 2017

Arrow Video has unveiled its release plans as well as pre-order links for all the films the company has coming out in August. For horror fans, they’ve got Re-Animator, The Slayer, and Society, each of which is detailed below. Additionally,… Continue Reading

Brian Yuzna and Corbin Bernsen to Reunite for The Plastic Surgeon

It’s been six years since Brian Yuzna’s last movie.  Six goddamn years.  In that time I’ve grown older, fatter and more dead inside, but if the latest news doesn’t fall through, I might find that lively spark again. According to Diabolique, Yuzna… Continue Reading

Shudder Announces Movie Mayhem; New Title Added Every Weekday in May

As you’ve probably noticed, we’re big fans of the streaming service Shudder here at Dread, and they have a pretty awesome promotion taking place during the upcoming month of May.  Shudder will be hosting “Movie Mayhem” and adding a new… Continue Reading