New Stoker Featurette Makes Beautiful Music

Post Thumb: /dec12/stokes.jpg A new featurette has made its way online in promotion of Fox Searchlight’s Stoker, and given that the little flick has performed pretty well at the box office in limited release, hopefully the studio will be opening… Continue Reading

Set Report: Park Chan-wook’s Stoker

Post Thumb: /dec12/stokes.jpg Gallery Image: ‘/gallery/stoker/stokerb1x’, ‘/gallery/stoker/stokerb2x’, ‘/gallery/stoker/stokerb3x’, ‘/gallery/stoker/stokerb4x’, ‘/gallery/stoker/stokerb5x’, ‘/gallery/stoker/stokerb6x’, ‘/gallery/stoker/stokerb7x’, ‘/gallery/stoker/stokerb8x’, ‘/gallery/stoker/stokerb9x’, ‘/gallery/stoker/stokerb10x’, ‘/gallery/stoker/stokerb11x’, ‘/gallery/stoker/stokerb12x’, ‘/gallery/stoker/stokerb13x’, ‘/gallery/stoker/stokerb14x’, ‘/gallery/stoker/stokerb15x’, ‘/gallery/stoker/stokerb16x’, ‘/gallery/stoker/stokerb17x’ Fans of Park Chan-wook (Oldboy, Sympathy For Mr. Vengeance, Thirst) living in Nashville, Tennessee were probably shocked to… Continue Reading

Stoker Press Conference Highlights with Park Chan-wook, Nicole Kidman, Matthew Goode and Mia Wasikowska

Post Thumb: /dec12/stokes.jpg Gallery Image: ‘/gallery/stoker/stokerb1x’, ‘/gallery/stoker/stokerb2x’, ‘/gallery/stoker/stokerb3x’, ‘/gallery/stoker/stokerb4x’, ‘/gallery/stoker/stokerb5x’, ‘/gallery/stoker/stokerb6x’, ‘/gallery/stoker/stokerb7x’, ‘/gallery/stoker/stokerb8x’, ‘/gallery/stoker/stokerb9x’, ‘/gallery/stoker/stokerb10x’, ‘/gallery/stoker/stokerb11x’, ‘/gallery/stoker/stokerb12x’, ‘/gallery/stoker/stokerb13x’, ‘/gallery/stoker/stokerb14x’, ‘/gallery/stoker/stokerb15x’, ‘/gallery/stoker/stokerb16x’, ‘/gallery/stoker/stokerb17x’ Arriving in theaters this weekend is iconic Korean filmmaker Park Chan-wook’s English-language directorial debut, Stoker, an often macabre… Continue Reading

Get Interrogated by the Latest Clip from Stoker

Post Thumb: /dec12/stokes.jpg Time for clip number two from Fox Searchlight’s Stoker, and this one comes complete with a sheriff who’s ready to ask far too many questions for his own good. Damned nosy policemen! Always screwing up our chances… Continue Reading

New Stoker Clip Is Family

Post Thumb: /dec12/stokes.jpg Just when we thought the day couldn’t get any stranger, a new clip from Fox Searchlight’s Stoker has arrived and proves that we are family. Now just try and get that disco song out of your head… Continue Reading