Exclusive Guest Blog: Vincent Guastini – V.G.P. Effects & Design Studio New Projects – Aftermath, Dimension 404, and Vincent’s Directing Debut of The Dark Tapes

The Dark Tapes

Vincent Guastini best known for his make-up effects work in Requiem For A Dream, Dogma, Last Of Mohicans, Letters Of Iwo Jima, and Stephen King’s Thinner. Guastini has multiple projects that have been released in the month of April that… Continue Reading

New Trailer for The Dark Tapes Lauds its Numerous Awards; First The Darker Paths News

A new trailer for The Dark Tapes (review) has come out, and it mixes showing off footage from the anthology found footage horror flick with boasting the various awards and accolades it has received over the years. The full list… Continue Reading