8 Most Unorthodox Horror Film Hauntings

The Haunting of Alice D

You think we’d have gotten tired of vengeful spirits by now. If you really think about it, we’ve been telling stories of jilted lovers and villainous fiends returning as poltergeists since campfires existed to huddle around. There’s something about our… Continue Reading

The Possession 2 to Re-Open The Dibbuk Box

Source Name: Bloody Disgusting Source Url: http://bloody-disgusting.com/news/3221472/exclusive-the-dibbuk-box-will-be-opened-again-with-the-possession-2/ Post Thumb: /may12/posss.jpg The Possession almost worked as a horror movie, but unintentional comedy completely got in its way. Still, we cannot help but be giddy about the following news and hope the… Continue Reading

2013 Saturn Award Nominees Announced

Source Name: Saturn Awards Source Url: http://www.saturnawards.org/index.html Post Thumb: /jul12/saturnawards.jpg This Sunday is Oscar day, but for genre fans it’s The Saturn Awards that really matter, and we have the full list of this year’s nominees. Although we have to… Continue Reading

As Expected – Resident Evil: Retribution Wins the Box Office

Source Name: Box Office Mojo Source Url: http://boxofficemojo.com/news/?id=3526&p=.htm Post Thumb: /stock/boxoffice.jpg Resident Evil: Retribution opened #1 at the box office this weekend and was even bigger internationally. I hope you’re happy. You know who you are. In psychological terms, you’d… Continue Reading

No Day Off for Exorcists! The Possession Dominates the Labor Day Weekend Box Office!

Source Name: Box Office Mojo Source Url: http://www.boxofficemojo.com/news/?id=3513&p=.htm Post Thumb: /stock/boxoffice.jpg Remember last weekend when I speculated that the box office failure of horror movies released in August/September 2011 might be repeating itself this year? Never mind. Turns out it… Continue Reading

Is a Re-Possession in Our Future? Sam Raimi Talks Possible Sequel(s) to The Possession

Source Name: MTV Source Url: http://www.mtv.com/news/articles/1693004/sam-raimi-possession.jhtml Post Thumb: /may12/posss.jpg With The Possession winning this weekend’s box office, its producer, Sam Raimi, was asked about the possibility of further stories to be told in the universe of the film’s antagonistic Dybbuk… Continue Reading

Film4 FrightFest Review Explosion Part 2: Dead Sushi, Stitches, Under the Bed, Hidden in the Woods, After, and The Possession!

Source Name: Film4 FrightFest Source Url: http://www.frightfest.co.uk/ Post Thumb: /may12/ff12s.jpg With Film4 FrightFest 2012 having just concluded on August 27th, we have our second batch of reviews right here waiting for you. Read on! Also coming at you soon will… Continue Reading