Top 10 Horror Remakes of the 21st Century

Horror fans often times groan at the prospect of another remake. It’s certainly become a trend to take a movie franchise with an established following and remake it for today’s audiences. Detractors of remakes often see them as a quick… Continue Reading

Leatherface Hits DirecTV in September Before Theatrical/VOD Release in October; First Stills!


Those of you out there with DirecTV are pretty damned lucky. Bloody Disgusting is reporting that Leatherface, the prequel to The Texas Chain Saw Masscare, will be an exclusive DirecTV release on September 21, 2017, with a limited theatrical run… Continue Reading

Celebrate 35MM Glory This Weekend at the Salt City Horror Fest

After Dark is presenting this year’s Salt City Horror Fest, which will include seven films screened in glorious 35MM (and one in digital) along with some amazing special guests. The films that will be shown in 35MM are The Texas… Continue Reading

Superfan Selling Authentic Texas Chainsaw Massacre III Replica Saws

I think that it’s an accurate observation to say that the Texas Chainsaw Massacre series declined significantly in quality with each installment. British film critic Kim Newman famously said that the second film was so inferior to its predecessor that… Continue Reading