The Most Memorable Meals of Horror: Part 1

The Meals of Horror: Part 1

Let’s face it: Killing works up an appetite. Fortunately, some of our favorite horror movies have managed to introduce us to some of the most insane meals our eyes have ever seen. Some of them are comical, some are beautiful,… Continue Reading

#SDCC15: Scream Factory Announces 10 New Blu-ray Releases Including The Return of the Living Dead!

Get ready to fire up your Blu-ray player and gather round your TV set a lot in the coming months because Scream Factory just dropped a huge announcement of 10 upcoming titles that are sure to knock at least one… Continue Reading

10 Foreign Horror Films That Claimed to Be Sequels to American Hits

It was pretty common back in the day for foreign horror films to be illegitimately attached to popular American franchises as a way of luring in audiences under false pretenses. Allow me to elaborate. Let’s say Joe Italiano makes an… Continue Reading