Recollecting The Crimson Rivers, a Seemingly Forgotten French Horror/Thriller

For a while there, French horror was the big thing. We horror fans were getting genre flicks that were so gruesome and grotesque, it almost boggled the mind. Films like Inside, Frontier(s), Trouble Every Day, and the like were shocking… Continue Reading

First Look at the International Trailer for Christophe Gans’ Beauty and the Beast (La Belle et La Bete)

Source Name: Allocine Source Url: Post Thumb: /sep13/beauty-and-the-beast-poster-s.jpg After months of artwork and stills, the first trailer for Christophe Gans’ (Silent Hill, Brotherhood of the Wolf) new treatment of the classic tale Beauty and the Beast, La Belle et… Continue Reading

A Few New Clips and Images from Dominik Moll’s The Monk

Post Thumb: /feb13/monks.jpg Gallery Image: ‘/gallery/themonk/themonkb1x’, ‘/gallery/themonk/themonkb2x’, ‘/gallery/themonk/themonkb3x’, ‘/gallery/themonk/themonkb4x’, ‘/gallery/themonk/themonkb5x’, ‘/gallery/themonk/themonkb6x’, ‘/gallery/themonk/themonkb7x’, ‘/gallery/themonk/themonkb8x’ With The Monk now in select theatres and available On Demand and via digital download, we figured there was no better time than today to share some… Continue Reading

First Clip from The Monk Arrives in the Name of the Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit, Amen!

Source Name: Empire Online Source Url: Post Thumb: /mar12/monks.jpg Time for some video, kids! On tap for you next is the first clip from Vincent Cassel’s latest flick, The Monk. Fill you Super-soaker with holy water and start spraying!… Continue Reading

Vincent Cassel Beats off the Devil in The Monk

Source Name: Official The Monk Website Source Url: Post Thumb: /mar12/monks.jpg Gallery Image: ‘/gallery/themonk/themonk1x’, ‘/gallery/themonk/themonk2x’, ‘/gallery/themonk/themonk3x’, ‘/gallery/themonk/themonk4x’, ‘/gallery/themonk/themonk5x’, ‘/gallery/themonk/themonk6x’, ‘/gallery/themonk/themonk7x’, ‘/gallery/themonk/themonk8x’, ‘/gallery/themonk/themonk9x’, ‘/gallery/themonk/themonk10x’, ‘/gallery/themonk/themonk11x’, ‘/gallery/themonk/themonk12x’, ‘/gallery/themonk/themonk13x’, ‘/gallery/themonk/themonk14x’, ‘/gallery/themonk/themonk15x’ I dunno. I think we’d rather see Vincent Cassel play the… Continue Reading